What Effect Will the Solar Eclipse Have on Pets?

Although there is not much scientific evidence and data to confirm effects the solar eclipse have on your pets, we wanted to give you some insight and tips to keep your pets safe:

  • Animals may confuse the change in the light levels as nighttime and implement their pre-bedtime behaviors.
  • Pets, especially dogs, often mimic people.  If everyone is looking up, dogs may follow their eye gaze too.
    • Take precaution with your dogs if they are outside during the eclipse as not to damage their eyes.
  • Scientists, zoos and the media are asking for people to observe wildlife and their pets during and after the eclipse to see if any changes in animal behavior may occur.
  • However, most indicate that crowds and noises (some cities having large viewing parties), will be more frightening to pets than the eclipse itself.

Enjoy the solar eclipse experience!