Animal Wellness Exams

Nippers Corner Pet Medical Center


Wellness exams are an important part of a pet’s overall health and happiness. Throughout your pet’s life, he should receive regular check-ups from a trained veterinarian to safeguard his/her health, to prevent problems and so we can step in if we notice a health concern. As a pet goes through different stages of life from baby to senior, our veterinarian can provide different types of check-ups and care to mirror the stage of life your pet is in. We offer these animal wellness exam services at Nippers Corner Pet Medical Center.


The Importance of Check-Ups

Wellness exams by a veterinarian have many benefits for you and your pet. They provide a chance to see how your pet is doing, and catch any problems early on. They allow us to provide preventative care, such as vaccines and parasite medicines. And they give a chance for you to ask questions, and receive recommendations from a real veterinarian for taking care of your pet. These ongoing check-ups also give our vet and office staff a chance to get to know you and your pet, and for you to know us better. This helps everyone feel more comfortable together, and allows us to better understand your pet and her specific needs. If health problems ever arise, we already have an established relationship, so you’ll know where to turn with confidence.


Animal Wellness Exam Services

At Nippers Corner Pet Medical Center, we provide wellness exams for your pet of any age. As a pet parent, you’re an important part of our wellness exams. Our vet will take time to ask you questions about your pet, including about his appetite and behavior. We will go over testing and vaccines with you that we think could benefit your pet. We can make recommendations for preventative care or to treat existing or developing conditions.

We’ll also perform a physical examination on your pet to see if there are changes from the last time we saw your fur baby. Our veterinarians check your pet’s organs, eyes, ears and other parts of the body. After first discussing with you, we might provide more extensive scans, vaccines and/or other treatments during the visit, or we might create an appointment for another visit.

Please contact us to set up your pet’s next animal wellness exam at Nippers Corner Pet Medical Center.