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Cats need special veterinarian care that differs from what other animals require. That’s why you should bring your precious kitty to a Nashville cat clinic with vets who are trained in a cat’s body and specific health needs. At Nippers Corner, our experienced vets and support staff are ready to take care of your felines. Whether you have a new kitten, a healthy adult cat or an aging cat with health problems, our cat clinic is capable of providing the right care for your pet’s needs.

To make an appointment with our veterinarians for a checkup or a specialty service for your cat, call our cat clinic’s Nashville office at (615) 833-7387.


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Our Nashville Feline Clinic Services

What kinds of services do our veterinarians at Nippers Corner provide for your cat(s)? Here are some of the services you can expect:

Vaccinations: Vaccines can keep your cat from getting certain diseases, plus they can help him or her be a member of your family for as long as possible. The types of vaccines our veterinarian recommends will vary based on your kitty’s age and other circumstances. All cats need some vaccines, while only certain cats require other types and that’s why it’s important to find a veterinarian you can trust. The types of shots your cat needs can also change over time, so let us know if your kitty might be exposed to new dangers. When you come in for your visit, our veterinarians will figure out which vaccines your cat needs and start a vaccine schedule to keep up with her health.

Spaying and Neutering: Spaying for a female cat or neutering for a male cat provides many benefits, including helping with problem behaviors and preventing cats from going into heat or running after a mate. And of course, these procedures keep your pets from having litters of kittens that add to the overpopulation and that need homes. Our cat hospital and our veterinarians perform these routine surgeries on a consistent basis, so you can bring your new cat to us. We also perform many other types of surgeries in our well-equipped Brentwood feline clinic.

Parasite Services: It’s easy for cats, especially outdoor ones, to get a variety of parasites, such as fleas. The vets at our Brentwood cat clinic can perform an exam to see if your pet has a parasite and which kind it is. Then, we can go from there with treatment to counteract the specific parasite.

Dental Health: If your cat has bad breath or teeth problems, she could have a dental disease that is causing discomfort or leading to other health problems. At our vet clinic, we offer full veterinary dental care to promote your kitty’s health.

Additional Services: Our affordable cat clinic in offers a host of additional cat care services. Maybe your cat needs light therapy for pain and inflammation, professional nutritional counseling from our veterinarian to help him lose weight or be healthier, or emergency care services. In all of these cases and more, Nippers Corner can provide the professional veterinary services you need for this important member of your family.

Make Your Appointment

When you’re ready to be proactive about your cat’s health or you’re already noticing a problem, make an appointment with our veterinarians at our Brentwood cat clinic. Many of our pet parents give us reviews that they think we’re the best cat clinic. Come see for yourself how much we care about your kitty son or daughter. Make your appointment by calling (615) 833-7387.