Pet Emergency & Pet Critical Care

Nippers Corner Pet Medical Center


While it’s never an easy topic to think about, accidents and unexpected health conditions can happen, turning into an emergency that requires critical care for your beloved pet. At Nippers Corner Pet Medical Center, we provide pet emergency and pet critical care services to Nashville animals by top notch veterinarians, giving your pet the important treatment he needs during this difficult time.


Our Emergency Services

Our pet medical center offers full-service pet emergency and pet critical care services, so our vets are here if you need us. We have an experienced and skilled veterinarian standing by to help during these times. We also offer a partner service to provide care after hours, so you’ll always have an expert ready to provide care.

Of course, when you and your pet are going through an emergency, you want the highest quality of care. We understand that, so we provide top-notch care by a trained vet for just such occasions. Our staff will provide you with compassion and respect during this trying time.


Plan Ahead for Emergencies

We know you don’t want to think about your furry child being hurt or sick, but being prepared can increase the chance that your pet will get better by getting him help as quickly as possible. It’s important to know which veterinarians to turn to and to have the right phone numbers ready in case your pet does suddenly need immediate care.

Keep our phone number, which is (615) 833-7387, our address and our hours of operation handy in case of an emergency. If your pet becomes sick or injured when we are out of the office, there’s no need to worry.

If your pet needs help, call for a vet right away.