Here are some of the spa services provided:

Full Body Clip and Breed Clip

Danielle is an experienced pet groomer and can accommodate your pet’s full grooming needs.  Please leave a few minutes when coming in for your appointment to consult with Danielle on your pet‛s unique requirements.


Hydrosurge/Spa Bath

A Spa bath includes a complete bath, blow dry, ear cleaning, anal glad expression, and nail trim.  The spa bath includes a complete Hydrosurge bathing and a Blow dry, using our state of the art equipment to deep cleanse your pets coat


Nail Trim

A nail trim is included with every groom.  Additional services can be added to soften the tips of the nails with our nail dremmel upon request.


Dental Care

We offer teeth brushing as an additional service upon request.


The Furminator and other Shed-less systems

If you would like to keep your pets fur, we offer The Furminator and other de-shedding treatments that will help stop the shedding where is begins: in the undercoat of your dog. A regular de-shedding program will make your pet look and feel better. Within one to two treatments, you will notice a big difference in your dog and what you see at home.


Sedation Grooming

Sedation grooming also available under our veterinarians’ supervision.

Luxurious Bath

Let Nippers Corner Pet Medical Center treat your furry family member to a spa day! Our soothing, cleansing baths make your pet clean again and remove any unwanted smells, dirt, etc. leaving your pet looking and smelling amazing and completely clean. If your pet is prone to skin irritation or scratching, we can add in some elements to eliminate the itching problem. All services include ear cleansing, toenail clipping, and anal expression.

Prices vary by size and breed.

Check out these cat grooming examples!

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