Pet Pain Management

Nippers Corner Pet Medical Center


Just like with a human child, you never want to see your pet baby in pain. It makes it even more difficult that your pet isn’t able to talk to you and tell you how he feels, so you’re left wondering how much he’s suffering. Fortunately, we have expertise in animals at Nippers Corner Pet Medical Center, helping us better understand their pain so we can help prevent or stop it.


Pet Pain Management Services at Our Vet Office

As part of our top-level veterinarian services, we concentrate on every part of each pet patient, including emotional, mental and physical health. We view pain as something that can cause problems with how your pet is able to function physically, and get in the way of her mental and emotional health and well-being.

When we see your pet for any reason, we always work to find out if your pet is in pain, or if there is something we can do to prevent pain during a procedure with pet pain management services at our animal center. Through a thorough understanding of animals, our veterinarian knows signs and symptoms of pain in various animals. We know how to check for these signs that can show themselves differently in varying animals and with a range of health conditions. We can guide you in how to recognize these signs as well.

When we see your furry pal, we always work to stay ahead of pain. We consider whether a procedure could cause pain, and if so, we work to manage that pain from the beginning, through the procedure and afterward.

Whether we are performing a routine treatment or a more complicated procedure, our vet provides tailored pain relief for each pet and each situation. Let us know if you have questions or concerns about pain in your pet.