Pet Parasite Prevention and Control

Nippers Corner Pet Medical Center


Parasites can be a real problem when you have pets, especially if your pets go outside. At some point, your pal is likely to end up with fleas, roundworms, hookworms and/or ticks. Parasites affecting your pets is more than an annoyance or a distasteful occurrence. They can actually cause health problems in your pet, which is why we provide pet parasite prevention and control services at Nippers Corner Pet Medical Center.


Problems With Parasites

Parasites are a part of life. But unfortunately, they can cause illnesses in your pets. It is possible for pets to get Lyme disease from ticks, and bacteria and tapeworms from fleas. Worms in pets can cause organ damage, and are sometimes life-threatening. These are just a few examples of problems parasites can cause. Because of these concerns, parasites are one of the dangers you need to watch out for when you have a pet.


Our Pet Parasite Prevention and Control Services

Sometimes, parasites are difficult to discover. You might be able to find fleas and ticks if you inspect under the fur of your pet, but some are small and hard to see. It can be even more difficult to know if your pet has worms.

But our veterinarian is able to examine your pet to see if she has parasites. We can check for signs of fleas and ticks, and perform tests to check for other parasites. We also provide preventative medications that can help keep your pet from getting parasites in the first place. If your pet already has parasites, our Nashville vet will discuss treatment options with you.

At our veterinarian clinic, we provide a whole program for controlling parasites. This program involves setting up a parasite testing schedule to ensure that your pet is free of parasites or take action if needed. Our program also includes advice for how to discover and manage parasites at your home. Depending on the current situation, we are able to help you prevent parasite problems in your pet, or provide treatment.

To start a prevention and control program with our animal medical center, call our office to set up an appointment.