Pet X-Rays

Nippers Corner Pet Medical Center



Radiography, which is also known as x-raying, is something we rely on at Nippers Corner Pet Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee. It can help us properly diagnose your pet, so we can provide the best level of care possible and tailor the care to your pet’s situation.



When Do We Use Pet Radiography Services at Our Center?

An x-ray shows our vet the interior of your pet’s body, so we can see whether there are problems we weren’t able to detect from an external examination. We use pet radiography services at our pet center when we need to get a closer look at your pet’s organs or bones to check for health conditions. This service sometimes also shows us tumors and bladder stones in your pet’s body. Once we have an x-ray, we can make better decisions for your pet’s health.


Our X-Ray Services

We offer x-ray services right within our veterinarian center, so you don’t need to bring your pet anywhere else for this service. This service is part of our goal to offer you and your pet top-notch testing and medical care.

Radiography is a non-invasive process that is safe for your pet with low amounts of radiation. We can even perform x-rays on kittens, puppies, and pregnant pets because of the low level. Our professionals perform this service with their friendly care.

Our veterinarian will let you know if we need to perform an x-ray on your pet during a visit.