Pet Dental Care in Nashville, TN

Nippers Corner Pet Medical Center


You take care of your pet and do everything you can to keep him healthy and happy, but what about those teeth and gums? The mouth tends to be an area that pet owners ignore, but it’s incredibly important to health. Vets didn’t emphasize oral care as much in the past either, but have realized that dental care for animals is just as important as going to the dentist is for a human’s health.

At Nippers Corner Pet Medical Center, our veterinarian can provide dental care for Nashville cats and dogs along with our other pet health services. Call our office at (615) 833-7387 to set up an appointment for dog dental care or cat dental care for your pets.


Dental Problems in Your Pet

Pets can develop dental problems over time just as humans do. And the state of your pet’s mouth doesn’t only affect her dental health but can affect other parts of the body and her overall health. Dental problems can end up turning into disease in your pet’s organs, including the heart, kidney and lungs. Your pet could have very bad breath, tumors and cysts, teeth that are loose and extra drooling, which can all signal a problem that will need veterinary attention. Often, pets develop gingivitis and more severe forms of periodontal disease, which can lead to a variety of problems in the mouth.


What Can the Vet Do for Your Pet’s Dental Health?

When you come to Nippers Corner for feline or canine dental cleaning in Nashville, your veterinarian will provide a complete cleaning to take care of plaque and tartar that can cause periodontal disease and other concerns. Our vets perform an oral exam before starting the cat or dog teeth cleaning at our office, so we can check for any problems. In some cases, we need to sedate your pet to perform a deeper examination. Our veterinarian clinic’s Nashville pet dental care goes beyond cleaning and also includes dental x-rays, treatments against plaque such as fluoride and sealants, and services to get rid of the buildup such as polishing. Our veterinarian staff will also discuss specific recommendations based on your pet’s age and the condition of your pet’s mouth.


What Can You Do as the Pet Owner?

Proper dental care for your pet doesn’t stop at the veterinarian. It’s also important that you provide pet teeth cleaning on a regular basis at home. During your checkup, our veterinarians can teach you how to brush your pet’s teeth. You will be able to find specialty animal tooth cleaning products to help with this routine, including pet toothpaste, custom toothbrushes and even cleaners you stick on your finger to make the job easier with a difficult pet. It also helps to check your pet’s teeth and gums for problems, and our Brentwood vet might recommend chew toys or certain foods to help with dental care.


How Much Does Cat and Dog Teeth Cleaning Cost?

We understand that affordable care is one of the factors people look for with Brentwood pet dental care. Our veterinary clinic strives to provide quality pet dentistry while keeping cost in mind. Talk to us about the costs of animal dental care at our Nashville veterinarian office because they vary based on the particular services your pet requires.


Bring Your Pet for Regular Dog and Cat Teeth Cleaning

Dental care is one area where you want to keep up with care routinely. Make appointments for cat and dog dental cleaning with our veterinarians at our Brentwood area hospital by calling (615) 833-7387.