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Grooming helps pets stay in great health and feeling happy, as well as looking neat and smelling fresh. Also, you might prefer specific grooming services so your pet can look a certain way or to minimize problems with fur. There are many grooming services you can take advantage of for your cat or dog, and we offer them all at Nippers Corner Pet Medical Center.

Our vet offers a range of grooming services, so we can take care of all of you and your pet’s needs with an experienced professional. To learn more about our Nashville pet grooming services and how affordable we make them, continue reading or give us a call at (615) 833-7387.



Meet Our Pet Groomer

When you bring your dog or cat in for grooming, they will receive services from our fantastic Nashville pet groomer Sydney.

Being an animal lover comes with the territory for Sydney. She forms an instant bond with every four-legged client she meets. You can rest easy knowing that Sydney will treat your pet with tender care, just as she would treat her own beloved fur baby. Sydney is happy to cater to you and your specific pet, so please let her know if you have any special requests. You can also feel free to ask her questions, and let her know about your pet’s preferences and personality.

After we meet with your pet, our groomers can lend you expertise and provide advice on what you can do to maintain your pet’s looks and grooming needs at home.

So if you’re trying to find the best pet groomer in the Nashville area, come experience the level of service we offer. You’ll quickly see why our clients and their paw pals love us!


Our Pet Grooming Services

Are you looking for pet bathing in the Brentwood area? Or perhaps your pet needs a hair trim or has a shedding problem. Our veterinary office provides a wide range of grooming services for both cats and dogs. These are the services you can take advantage of through our pet medical center:

Cuts: We offer full body clips and clips specific to breeds. This service helps your pet feel lighter and cooler, keeps fur out of the way and improves his appearance.

Nail Trimming: We include pet nail clipping at our office as part of each grooming visit. If you would like, ask us about softening the nail tips with our nail Dremmel.

Spa Bath: We give a hydrosurge bath with top equipment that provides a deep cleaning. Our pet bathing process comes with anal gland expression, ear cleaning and nail trimming. We also blow dry your baby to make him dry and comfortable before going home. The bath process helps your pet look and smell clean, plus it can often help with itchy or irritated skin.

De-Shedding Treatments: We offer The Furminator and other treatments that help control shedding by going to the root of the problem: the undercoat. This process keeps your home cleaner with fewer allergens, and helps your pet feel better.

Dental Care: Let us know if you would like us to brush your pet’s teeth in addition to providing other grooming services.

Sedation Grooming: If your pet has trouble with the grooming process, we offer sedation grooming. This process is done under our vet’s supervision.

At our pet clinic, we offer both dog grooming and cat grooming. To learn more about our services and the prices for each one, give us a call. We can give you the price for your specific breed and the size of your pet.


Why Choose Grooming at a Veterinarian Office?

Of course, there are different types of places that offer animal grooming. There are dog grooming salons and even pet stores that offer pet grooming services. But you get some extra benefits by choosing pet grooming at our Brentwood pet medical center.

You will receive the expertise of a qualified and experienced professional working with your pet, instead of the inexperienced people who often work at grooming salons and pet stores. We also customize each grooming visit to the specific needs of your pet child, instead of giving every pet the same treatment. We work with animals’ needs on a daily basis, so we are experienced with a variety of behaviors and needs, and can take care of your pet. Since we’re an animal hospital, we can also step in if we notice a problem with your pet’s health. And since you can bring your baby to us for all his health care needs, he’ll get to know our staff well and feel more comfortable for each visit.

While you might expect these services to cost more at an animal clinic, we make it our policy to offer grooming at an affordable rate. We even include some extras within the price, such as a bow or bandana for your pup. Please contact us to find out specific rates for each service based on your pet’s individual type and needs.


Make Your Appointment for Pet Grooming in Brentwood

To set up your appointment for grooming services, simply give our office a call at (615) 833-7387. Our office staff can give you more information on when to bring in your pet and specific pricing for your requirements. If you have trouble fitting grooming into your schedule, we provide options for leaving your pet with us while you go to work or take care of errands. Call now to make your appointment for high-quality and friendly grooming services at Nippers Corner Pet Medical Center.