Pet Microchipping in Nashville, TN

Nippers Corner Pet Medical Center


Your pet is like a child to you, and the last thing you want is for him or her to get lost and go missing. Unfortunately, that exact thing happens to thousands of pets on a yearly basis. Many owners sadly never see their beloved pets again. At Nippers Corner Pet Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee, we provide pet microchipping services so that doesn’t happen!


The Problem Microchipping Solves

The reason so many owners are unable to find their pets again is that the animals are not properly identified. Many pets don’t have tags around their necks, which is especially true for indoor pets that pet parents never expect to leave the house. In other cases, the tag or collar falls off the pet or gets ruined so the information is broken off or indecipherable. When your pet leaves your property and is missing proper identification, you might not be able to find him again if he isn’t able to find his way home.

Even if someone finds your baby wandering around, they won’t have the information to contact you and bring your pet safely home to you. This is a very sad situation, and one that is preventable through microchipping. With this type of identification, your pet isn’t able to lose or damage the identification during his wanderings, so he still has it if he ever needs it. Microchipping is a safe form of identification that helps you reunite with your lost pet.


Our Nashville Pet Microchipping Services

If you’re uncertain about microchipping, we can answer any questions or concerns you might have. For your general information, a microchip is a small piece of technology that our veterinarian will implant just below your pet’s skin. It is only around the size of a piece of rice, and the implantation is a quick and simple procedure.

The microchip holds your name and contact information, which you fill out on a registration form, and comes with a number to include within a national database. If your pet is found, he can be scanned by a vet, animal control office or animal shelter. This way, your lost pet will be matched up with your information and returned to you.

Our vet can implant microchips into pets at any age, whether you have a new kitten or puppy, or an adult you’ve had for years. Keep in mind that any pet, even an indoor one, can sneak outside and get lost at some point. Microchipping gives you a more effective way to reunite with your pet than other forms of identification.

If you want to learn more or are ready for a microchip, contact our Brentwood vet hospital.