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Vaccines help our pets stay healthier and live longer lives by preventing them from getting diseases that harm their health and are sometimes fatal. Vaccines also keep our communities safer by preventing diseases from spreading as easily.

While vaccines have done their job well and minimized many threats to our pets’ lives, there are still some diseases we need to protect our cats and dogs from. Vaccines have become a routine part of pet health care, yet it’s important to make sure that our vet and you as pet parents work together to keep your pet on his vaccine schedule. We will help you with this important job through our pet vaccination services at veterinary clinic, Nippers Corner Pet Medical Center.


Vaccines and Your Pet

There are many types of vaccines in existence for use with cats and dogs, yet your pet won’t require every single one. Our Nashville veterinarian will determine which vaccines are important for your specific pet. Our vets and staff members are very knowledgeable about vaccines and which are important for which pets. When you bring your pets to us, we create a vaccination schedule with a routine for ongoing boosters that keep the vaccines effective. This helps your pet stay as healthy as possible, with as little risk to her health as possible.

Some vaccines are recommended for all dogs and cats as core vaccines. Other vaccines are considered optional choices that are helpful if your pet will be traveling, has more risk to a certain disease or because of other factors. Communicate with our veterinarian during your visit, so she can fully understand which vaccines your pet might need and which are not required.

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