Animal & Pet Surgery

Nippers Corner Pet Medical Center


Sometimes, your pet needs surgery to correct a problem that is beyond the benefits of non-invasive care. At Nippers Corner Pet Medical Center, we are proud to offer various types of pet surgery services to our pet patients.



Our Pet Surgery Services

If we discover that your pet needs surgery through an examination, you won’t have to bring your pet to a separate animal hospital. She can stay right at our Nashville veterinarian center to receive the care she needs.

Your pet can receive a wide variety of surgical procedures at our pet medical center. We perform routine surgeries, which include spaying and neutering, and more specialized or complex ones as well.


Feel Comfortable With Our Expertise

Our veterinarian and staff have the expertise and experience needed to perform pet surgeries of the highest quality. We focus on managing your pet’s pain before, during and after the procedure, and we also put our attention on safety and using the best methods for each procedure. Our animal-loving staff will care for and keep a close eye on your pet during every part of the process to provide excellent care and a safe recovery.

We know that you are likely to feel worried, uncertain and stressed about surgery for your pet. Our vet will talk to you about your concerns and answer questions you have about different parts of the procedure. We will also offer recommendations on taking care of your pet once he returns home with you.