Pet Ultrasounds

Nippers Corner Pet Medical Center


Many technologies and advancements that we utilize in medical care for people have made their way into veterinary care. One such technology, which is diagnostic ultrasound, has given vets the ability to provide better care to the furry members of your family. We use this technology in our offerings at Nippers Corner Pet Medical Center.


How Do Pet Ultrasounds Improve Care?

When your pet has this scan, a machine sends out ultrasound waves through a probe on your pet’s body. These painless waves go into your pet’s body and come back when they hit an organ or other structure. The waves send information to the machine that shows our vet what is going on inside your pet’s body.

Ultrasound technology shows us views of various organs and some cancers, plus it gives the vet the ability to check how a pregnancy is coming along. This technology works very well for showing us your pet’s heart health, as it shows the motion of the heart and blood flow through real time imaging.


Our Pet Ultrasound Services

At Nippers Corner Pet Medical Center, we make it our mission to give the highest quality of care through prevention, diagnosis and treatment. Our pet ultrasound services at our office allow us to further our ability to diagnose problems in your pet, and to monitor your pet’s health. We are happy to make ultrasound one of the diagnostic tests we provide.

Ultrasound technology allows our veterinarian a better look at your pet’s overall health, so we can offer more effective treatments when there is a problem. This technology is safe because it avoids the use of radiation and it’s non-invasive. Your pet won’t feel any pain from this scan.

Our vet will let you know if an ultrasound is recommended to learn more about your pet’s health.