Pet Senior Pet Care

Nippers Corner Pet Medical Center


Our dog and cat pets have a different life span than their pet owners. When pets are only seven years old, they’re often put in the category of “seniors.” Nonetheless, pets can still have many years of life ahead of them, and it’s our job to work with you to help these later years be good ones.

Pets have changing bodies and needs as they get older, so it’s important to adapt their health care to their age. We can help you know how to do that when you bring your pet in for senior pet care services at Nippers Corner Pet Medical Center.


Your Pet’s Changing Health

As a pet ages, you’ll notice that he might exercise less or differently than he used to. In addition, he can develop new nutritional needs and change in other ways as well. In many cases, these changes are part of the normal aging process. But sometimes, there is a health concern present that is causing problems and changes in your aging pet. Some problems are tough to see until they have progressed. Senior pet care check-ups with our vet are important to help your pet be in prime health and to check for medical problems.


Our Senior Pet Care Services

At Nippers Corner Pet Medical Center, we encourage regular wellness visits to check on your pet’s health. Our veterinarian can help you know more about your aging pet and how to take care of her. We might offer different recommendations for diet, medicine and care than what you previously heard when your pet was younger.

Please let our vet know any questions you have about taking care of your senior pet, and we will discuss health decisions with you before carrying out any services. We can work together to help your pet live a healthy and happy life for as long as possible. We know that no matter how old your pet is, she’s still your baby, so we do everything we can to provide compassionate and quality care.

Contact our office to make a senior pet care appointment.